Testing Abuse

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Sunday, February 20, 2005


To Raise Awareness about high-stakes testing in California:
  • Students in grades 2-11 take the CST and 3rd and 7th take the CAT/6 every year and must pass the CAHSEE in order to graduate.
  • These tests do NOT measure a child's overall academic ability.
  • They pretend to be scientific. They are not.
  • These tests are filled with errors and are not standardized
  • The results are not valid; multiple measures are.
  • The classroom curriculum is structured to pass the tests.
  • High-stakes testing is taking the genuine desire to learn and fun out of school for children.
  • They lower classroom student expectations
  • They make schools into test prep centers
  • They emphasize rote memorization and regurgitation of disconnected bits of information.
  • They reduce academic rigor and dumb down genuine learning
  • They are making many children sick.
To Empower Parents and Teachers:
  • All parents will know that their child can opt out of CST and CAT/6 testing.
  • Parents and teachers will provide insight on deciding future educational policies.
  • Teachers will not be discouraged from voicing their opinions about high stakes testing.
  • Legislators will value the expertise and concerns of parents and teachers. Parents, teachers and students will show legislators the consequences of high stakes testing .


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