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Saturday, June 30, 2007


1.) As a group we have decided that JULY 10th will be a call in day to Congressman George Miller and Senator Kennedy’s offices. We need to all let them know that NCLB is damaging and that it is not working. I have attached a quick sheet (PDF file) that you can pass out to parents by making copies, AND use for your phone call. Their numbers are as follows:

Miller: (925) 602-1880 or (510) 262-6500 or (707) 645-1888 or (202) 225-2095
Kennedy: (202)224- 4543 or (617) 565-3170 or (877) 472-9014

I will try to contact other national groups so maybe we can make this a national day of action! WE NEED ALL OF YOU.

2.) We have also decided to do presentations to community and parent groups. They will be given a power point presentation along with action steps, such as writing and signing our petition. The following will be contacted in the near
a.) League of Women Voters
b.) First Five
c.) Hope Lutheran Church
d.) Unitarian Church

These are only a start. We can contact many others to get them educated and moving on stopping NCLB. If you know any more SEND ME THE INFO!

3.) It was decided that we would contact supportive private businesses and have a booth out in front with our members meeting with the public. At the location, we would have our quick handout, Elizabeth Jaeger’s NCLB booklet for parents who
want more, and our petition for them to sign. YOU can print out her booklet too at :
We would love to have volunteers email and either sit at a booth OR send the name of a business that would support this action.

4.)Saturday, July 14, 11:00 AM ­ 12:00 Noon

There will be a Town Hall Meeting with Congressman George Miller.
Location:IBEW Hall, 1875 Arnold Drive, Martinez, CA

Congressman Miller will discuss Iraq War, Energy Independence and No ChildLeft Behind for 30 mins., and then take questions for 30 mins. or so.
For further information, call Congressman Miller¹s office at (925) 602-1880. I am VERY interested in going. Who would like to car pool? Emaill me back!

5.) Some members will be meeting with Californians for Justice to connect on NCLB and hopefully, with their support, we will have more man power to improve communicating with parents.

6.) We have not decided on our next meeting date, as we are into an “action” mode right now, but a date will be chosen after July, more than likely. Continue to visit WWW.TESTINGABUSE.BLOGSPOT.COM and WWW.EDUCATORROUNTABLE.ORG for
information. Below is a letter to us from Monty Neil of Fairtest.


Joseph Lucido
Educator Roundtable

Ensure U.S. House Really Overhauls NCLB

The House Education Committee is about to adopt language for the next version of the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)/No Child Left Behind (NCLB). It could approve a bill in early July, with the full House voting later in July!

Now is the time for assessment reformers like you to act. The next steps include:

1) Keep pressure on the leadership, especially Chairman George Miller.

Demand they make needed major improvements (as outlined below) and allow substantial time for discussion and
amendments. Tell your Rep. to deliver this message to Mr. Miller. (See contact info at the bottom.)

2) If your Representative is on the Education Committee, ask her or him to vote “No” to any bill or parts of the bill that do not make sufficient changes in the law. Ask them to propose amendments to advance the key changes and to take leadership on these issues.

3) Focus on key changes needed in the law:

• End unrealistic "Adequate Yearly Progress" (AYP) requirements. Expect schools to make reasonable progress based on real-world rates of student improvement.

• Require testing once each in elementary, middle and high school, scrapping requirement to test in grades 3-8. Over-testing takes time away from real teaching and learning.

• Assess academic progress using multiple sources of evidence, not just standardized test scores. Provide funding to help states and districts develop locally-based, performance and classroom assessments to improve teaching and learning as well as accountability.

• Replace the test-and-punish approach with support for improving educational quality. Expect all schools to take reasonable steps to improve, including use of high-quality professional development and strong parental involvement. Replace current sanctions-based system with a focus on targeted assistance.

4) Get other people and organizations to fax, call, or write Congress. Tell your Representatives and Senators to rely on the Joint Organizational Statement on NCLB and the legislative recommendations of the Forum on Educational Accountability to guide their votes on reauthorization of NLCB.



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