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Saturday, June 05, 2010


“Education Genocide is much more than a wake-up call…Lucido’s exhaustive research and first-hand experience should ignite outrage and a ‘60’s era revolt against high stakes test abuse overtaking the nation’s public schools under the punitive politics of No Child Left Behind. Mind-numbing testing can no longer be ignored as a major source of escalating drop-out of students and teachers.”

-Jo Ann Rupert Behm, M.S., RN, Former President, Board of Directors, Public Policy Chair, Healthy Children Project Coordinator, Learning Disabilities Association of California

"This insightful book dares to challenge the world we offer children when we trumpet“ No excuses!”--and offers a better way."

-Susan Ohanian, author, education activist, longtime teacher, fellow at the Education Policy Research Unit at Arizona State University and at the Vermont Society for the Study of Education, Winner of 2003 NCTE George Orwell award for Distinguished Contribution to Honesty and Clarity in Public Language

"High stakes testing appeals to politicians and bean counters. Real educators, like Rog Lucido, use varying and creative methods to reach different kinds of children, and they judge their success by multiple measures. Which kind of students does America need--cookie cutter clones or critical thinkers? Educational Genocide describes the crisis in our public schools and offers remedies for parents, teachers, and administrators. "

-Angelica Carpenter, CuratorArne Nixon Center for the Study of Children's Literature,California State University, Fresno

"As a long time educator who has witnessed first hand the harmful effects of test score hysteria, I appreciate the very readable in-depth research Rog Lucido has provided in EDUCATIONAL GENOCIDE - A PLAGUE ON OUR CHILDREN. As our government begins the "Race to the Top," this book is a must-read for anyone who has children, is a teacher, or is involved in education in any way. I wish every legislator would read this book before casting another vote on any test score related education bill! "

Helen Pitton, M.A.
Literacy Consultant
Founding member of Educators and Parents Against Test Abuse
1994 Primary "Teacher of the Year," Fresno Unified School District

"This is not just a smart book. It is also a touchingly personal narrative. Don’t be fooled by the fact that this work is vital and informative. It is far more than that. It’s genius and what makes it memorable is Rog Lucido’s gift to speak to us, not just from the head— but from the heart as well. "

Dr. Elaine Garan
Professor of Literacy and Early Education
California State University Fresno


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